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Throughout my life, I have been called a suburban hippie or corporate granola girl, to name a few.  For many years, my interests and studying have been in natural healing.  Currently I am an ER/trauma (and Urgent Care) nurse which gives me an appreciation and respect for modern medicine. Bridging these two worlds is my passion. 

For over 15 years, I have conducted CPR, Health/Wellness classes for corporations and the community which has given me tremendous insight into people and their health.  Now, more than ever, people struggle with obesity, diabetes, disease(s) and depression. We are worried about health, the healthcare system and our future.  Keeping people out of the hospital/doctor’s office, or visits to a minimum, is our goal and that can be achieved through lifestyle changes.  This needs to be done by looking into the whole person, which not only includes the physical body, it encompasses spirituality, emotions/mind and lifestyle choices. Sometimes we all just need to go back to the basics.

In addition to my love of integrative medicine, we are backyard chicken farmers, gardeners, cooks, bakers and semi self-sustainers. (the “basics”) We were fortunate enough to be raised along with immigrant parents and grandparents where we learned many skills that are lost in modern times.  Growing your own food, preserving, canning and cooking from scratch are just a few of many things that we try to incorporate into our lives.

last farmers market trip 2014

last farmers market trip 2014

Our family decided that we would like to expand our passions of backyard farming, so we moved just outside the city into a more agriculturally friendly area.  While we are in awe of true homesteaders and farmers, for us, having a healthy balance between city life and farm life makes us the perfect Suburban Hippies.  We are currently settling into our little farm in the orchards and looking forward to our journey.

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