Soil block makers for starting seeds

These are fairly easy to use and kid friendly.  We used seed starter soil and moistened it pretty thoroughly. Using a large plastic tub, simply press the soil block maker into the mix so that it is packed in each compartment.  Sometimes I use my hands to further pack them into the the individual compartments of the maker.  Place the unit onto your tray and pop out the squares using the handle; it is that easy.  They are perfect little squares with a small hole for the seed.  You do not really have to cover the seeds as the soil is moist and the seed is far enough that it is able to germinate.

You must be diligent about keeping the blocks evenly moist as they can dry out fairly quick.  We keep our seedlings on warming mats so they are quicker to lose moisture.  Things we found:

  • It is best to keep the blocks as close together as possible to help retain moisture.
  • If you are not able to daily monitor the moisture, it is best to repot the blocks into a small container to be sure it does not dry out.
  • The company makes larger blocks that you can easily pop the smaller ones into for continued growth.
  • These are very economical and fun to use with children.